Lavistown church was a hive of activity this past weekend ahead of Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider’s visit to Cape Town this coming weekend.

On Saturday 4 May, the Sunday School children had their final choir and recorder practice at Lavistown church. Equally excited, both the choir and orchestra members of The Conifers and Voëlvlei- Kuils River congregations, who will make up the bulk of the assembly on Sunday, rounded-off their musical preparations for the service. During this service, their Apostle A Kriel will be placed into retirement after serving for more than 40 years as a minister. The Apostle will especially be remembered for his work among the young people for many years. Recently, in a special video broadcast via NACTV, District Apostle J Kriel announced that due to the restructuring of the District Apostle’s area of Southern Africa, the area of responsibility of Apostle Kriel will be integrated into the working areas of the other Apostles.

Accompanying the Chief Apostle for this special weekend is the District Apostle P Schulte from Australia and the District Apostle Helper A Mhango who lives in Malawi.

There is more reason for joy! En-route to the Lavistown church, the Chief Apostle and his accompaniments will visit the Parow West church where parents who have children with special needs will gather for an address before the start of the Divine Service for Children.

The visit to the Parow West church, as well as both divine services, will be televised via NACTV. Furthermore, for internet users, the events can also be viewed via Web-Streaming (Click here for the transmission details).