Faces beaming with smiles and energies abuzz, children from across the District Church of Southern Africa gathered at various venues on 11 May 2019.

The children had been looking forward to the Divine Service for Children held by Chief Apostle J-L Schneider with great excitement. The joy of the children was heightened by the presence of the Apostles at various venues.

The audio-visually transmitted divine service was broadcast live from Lavistown, Cape Town to all the venues where the children gathered. The divine service was held with a difference. By captivating their attention with an interactive approach, the Chief Apostle through questions and answers got the message across to the children. The children were engrossed in the dramatization of the Bible word from 1 Samuel 3:10. This allowed the children to receive the message of the divine service with great enjoyment.

Recorders and hymnals at hand, and their eyes on the screen, their souls were connected to the blessed word brought to them. The many weeks of preparation finally culminated in a very joyous occasion, which provided a platform for all to showcase their newly acquired skills, as they played their recorders in unison with the connected congregations. That which they had been taught on the recorder, they played with much enthusiasm, and sang the hymns from their hearts, bringing praises to God.

Their perseverance had borne fruit. It will continue during the Year of the Child with teachers, ministers and parents nurturing their God-given talents and they will be guided by the divine message from the Chief Apostle.