A National Rectors Conference, a Young People in Christ Mini Soccer World Cup tournament in Port Elizabeth and the Festive Divine Services schedule, are just some of the highlights beckoning on the horizon for the District Church Southern Africa in the Year 2020. The District Apostle J Kriel shared this information when he gave a glimpse into his Divine Service & Events forecast for 2020/21 towards the end of the meeting.

The agenda for the sixth day, the last day of the Apostles and Bishops Conference in Port Elizabeth, started unpacking the remainder of the meeting topics from 08:00 on Thursday, 22 August 2019, to bring the annual meeting to a close in the afternoon. 

The day’s schedule started with the Long Service Awards. The New Apostolic Church Southern Africa provides long service awards for staff during the year of their anniversary of 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service. The recipients this year from the circle of the apostles and bishops were the Apostles Peter LAMBERT and Terence NENE who received awards for 30, and 20 years of service, respectively. In presenting the awards, the District Apostle congratulated them warmly for their years of continued and committed service to the Church.

Ministers are servants of God - every minister is a servant of God and is entrusted to support the faith of the children of God. Among their tasks are conducting divine services and providing soul care for the families, Sunday School children, Young People, Senior members, the handicapped and the sick, even those who find themselves on the “fringes” of the congregation. It is essential that these ministers are equipped for their tasks at hand. Apostle Robert Worship gave the meeting a presentation on the Introduction of an interim guide for ministers. As part of the presentation, each apostle and bishop were handed a copy of a draft interim guide for ministers to review the updated content and provide comment before the final print.

There was also a topic Appointment that had to be covered on the agenda. The recently introduced concept of ministry necessitated the update of the texts concerning liturgy for ordination, appointment, or assignment. Apostle Marc Diedricks made use of the scheduled time on the agenda to present the meeting with the new wording on liturgy of ordination, appointment and assignment.

There were also several general points that came up for discussion and deliberations throughout the meeting days. The decisions on these discussions will be shared with the members in the future.

At the close of the week-long Apostles and Bishops meeting, the District Apostle thanked the participants for their valued contributions and participation in the meeting. He wished all a safe journey when undertaking their homeward journey on Thursday afternoon and very early on Friday, 23 August 2019.

For all the delegates, the time together was a special one that contributed greatly to teambuilding and the strengthening of the bonds of fellowship.