Saturday, 7 September 2019 was all about the children!

It was the day marked on the calendar of the District Church Southern Africa for the children to showcase their newly acquired skills. With 2019 being the Year of the Child, much focus was put on developing the skills of the Sunday School children.

"I want to play the violin," said one of the Sunday School children after participating in the Jamboree. Another eager youngster expressed his desire to learn to play the organ. Many of the Sunday School children want to move on to the next step now, and this enthusiasm stems from the recorder project.

The recorder project formed a large part in developing the musical skills of the Sunday School kids. Preparations for the visit of the Chief Apostle in May commenced in July 2018, with Mrs B assisting the kids in learning to play the recorder. This initiative was a huge success, with a total of 17 000 recorder players participating in playing the recorder during the divine service for children on 11 May 2019.

The next goal was for the children to invite their friends to play the recorder. Naturally, the friendship month served as the perfect invitation to guests. As part of sustaining the momentum, 15 additional hymns were provided to the kids to consolidate prior learning.

On 7 September 2019, Recorder Jamborees were held across the Southern African region. These events served as an opportunity to exhibit the learning and development of the kids, as well as allowing the friends of the children to participate.

In addition to the ongoing project, 10 Christmas carols will be made available to enable maximum participation during the Christmas Day divine service.

After all the hard work and preparation, the participants around the region thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate their enthusiasm for the work of God!

We will add photographs here as they occur.