On Sunday 8 September 2019, the New Apostolic Cape Town Children's Choir and Development Orchestra performed 2 concerts in the Silvertown Auditorium.

With 2019 being the year of the child, the recently-formed choir, guided by their leaders, focused on development. Over the past year, the fledgling group has grown from 60 to 130 children. The presentations were many of the children's first experience on stage.

One performance was initially planned for the afternoon. However, based on the huge demand for tickets, it was decided that the group would present the programme twice. 

The first concert, which was opened by Apostle P Thompson, took place at 3 pm. Thereafter, the group had a short break while the next set of members made their way into the hall for the 5 pm performance.

Apostle P Lambert opened the second show and reminded the audience that we celebrate friendship month. In keeping with this theme, the programme focused on the meaning of friendship and emphasizing that Jesus truly is our dearest friend!

The sweet, angelic voices of the choir captivated the audience, drawing enthusiastic applause after each song. The hard work put in by all the participants was blessed with beautiful concerts.