Yesterday, the first case of COVID-19, Coronavirus was reported in South Africa. The news about the virus and its rapid-spreading rate has created alarm in many countries across the world.

This communication serves as general information to you so that you are equipped to inform your members, without causing alarm, about what we believe to be appropriate measures to take at this time. The church is also a citizen of every country in our District Apostle area and we have an obligation to act responsibly by informing our members and helping with the containment of COVID-19. Every member should, in turn, consider their communities at large until a level of containment has been reached or treatment is available.

Members are encouraged to increase their general hygiene levels and observe the advice below:

• Members should not attend church activities while they present with any flu-like symptoms during this time.

• Greeting by hand should be discouraged.

• When sneezing or coughing cover your nose and mouth with a tissue, handkerchief or sleeve.

• Anyone with a compromised immune system should take extra precaution.

• Those who travelled from high-risk areas for the virus are to ensure they have been medically cleared.

We continue to pray for all affected and for those working around the clock to develop a vaccine.