Thank you for your support of our first initiatives to minimise the spread of COVID-19 as announced on the live broadcast on 17 March 2020.

We now find ourselves in an environment of increased confirmed cases of COVID-19 as well as the fact that there is now an escalation in local transmission of the virus. While we have reduced the number of attendees to our divine services, we are unable to provide members with the required social distance to lower the risk of infection. Given the aforementioned, it is prudent to adjust our previously communicated initiatives and give effect to our commitment as a church and citizens of our respective countries. The following will apply with effect from 23 March 2020:

1. All divine services are cancelled until further notice, except for funeral and wedding services. The legal limit of 100 people remains applicable to funerals and weddings. Please consult your local authorities to ensure pre-event compliance for these gatherings.

2. All serving of Holy Communion to our ill and bedridden members is also suspended until further notice.

3. All church public gatherings are suspended until further notice.

There remains no substitute for a divine service, but during this period I commit to providing you with:

• A divine service which will be broadcast on all NACTV platforms (satellite and streaming) at 09h00 on Sunday mornings and 19h00 on Wednesday evenings. These divine services will include the forgiveness of sins but not the celebration of Holy Communion.

• A summary of every divine service will be emailed to all members who have their email addresses loaded on our MIS. This summary can also be shared via WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram for those with access to the internet.
New Apostolic Church Southern Africa

I urge you to schedule your family time as you would normally do so that the divine service experience remains dedicated time to our God.

We continue to pray for all infected by the virus, those working around the clock to develop a vaccine and everyone affected.