On Sunday 19 April 2020, District Apostle J Kriel announced that Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will serve members from Southern Africa on Sunday, 26 April 2020.

The original plan was for the Chief Apostle to be in South Africa where he would conduct a divine service in Bloemfontein. The visit was meant to be a historic one as it would have been the first service conducted by a Chief Apostle in the area. However, due to the global travel restrictions put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19, he will now be in our church in Strasbourg, France to conduct a divine service in the English language. During the past week, there were further developments to also stream the service to large parts of Africa, the United States of America and Canada.

In hindsight, this divine service will still be an historic one, because it will be the first time that so many members across the DA Area of Southern Africa will have been served by the Chief Apostle twice in such a short space of time, i.e. the same month on Easter, 12th April & the coming Sunday, April 26th.

The divine service, commencing at 9 am (CAT), will be made available in South Africa on the following media platforms:
1. NACTV (Set-top box and YouTube)
2. NACTV Facebook page
3. CTV (Cape Town TV) and on DSTV channel 263
4. Radio KC
5. Radio Teemaneng
6. Sabie Radio
7. Members can also listen to the divine service by calling in from either a mobile phone or landline

In Zambia, the divine service will be transmitted on their national broadcaster, ZNBC TV 1 and Radio 2. Arrangements are underway by the technical teams of NACTV, Canada and the USA to ensure the congregations in the latter two DA Areas will receive a delayed broadcast the same day on account of the time difference. This will allow even more followers to join in this extraordinary fellowship.

As has become customary during our home divine services, members are encouraged to be part of the service by playing along with the on-screen musical ensembles. For the upcoming divine service, members will be able to play along with 2 hymns: With a golden staff in hand (EH 229) and Blessed Jesus, at Thy word (EH 237). Instrumentalists can submit their photos and short video clips of them participating in the praise and worship leading up to the divine service to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Despite our church buildings being closed, we are still able to receive the word and blessing of God through our Chief Apostle albeit through different mediums. Together, we wait in great anticipation for this special day.