The Sunday School children around Southern Africa are enjoying the new homeschooling experience. 

District Apostle J Kriel has the desire for all our Sunday School to Confirmation children to continue their spiritual development. With this, he insists on the proviso that no child is left behind in any attempt to facilitate Sunday School learning. In line with these prescriptions that all have fair access to learning resources, he has approved the adjusted lessons (as per the Sunday School schedule) for the period 3 May till 7 June 2020: 

The lessons have been rewritten to the specification of a parent delivering the lesson: (click here to access the lessons)

 -The lesson starts off with a prayer, which is provided for parents who need direction in this regard.

- Introductory words, the main lesson and even closing words (with relevant questions) can be read verbatim, where parents feel the need.

- The Sunday School child has a workbook in which activities relating to the lesson needs to be completed.

- Every lesson will have a ten-minute video relating to the topic. The purpose of the video aims to augment your child’s experience.

In keeping with the theme of love, caring and kindness, some teachers in the district area have gone as far as sponsoring some households with data to ensure that every child received their lesson.

   Click here to see short video submissions