Day 2 of the #Dare2Care initiative was split into two parts. The morning activities featured games and challenges, while the afternoon was reserved for coffee table discussions with some of the local Apostles and content experts.

The morning proceedings started with a brief chat between presenter Danté Sims and Apostle J Joubert. Thereafter, presenters Daniele Oosterndorp and Neville Abrahams introduced the programme for the day which started with a warm-up challenge with guidance from fitness instructor Lewies Oosthuizen The walk/run event featured thousands of contestants, who were initially challenged by Apostle R Worship, to complete either 5 km or 10 km walks. Some participants went the extra mile and counter-challenged the Apostle, with District Apostle Helper Mwkhanazi completing a 21 km run! In keeping with current lockdown regulations in the country, participants were encouraged to maintain a safe social distance and wear their masks if they left their homes for the walk.

The walk/run challenge was followed by an introduction to the Zlto app. Zlto was developed by young people at RLabs in Cape Town to promote community action and help young people gain the skills and work experience they need to secure jobs. Co-founder of Zlto, Allan Van Der Meulen, discussed the benefits of the app and explained how it can positively benefit young people in our communities.

After the interview, it was time for a variety of fun challenges. These included activities from the show minute 2 win it; dance videos themed around the TikTok app and push up/sit up challenges. While the fun activities were aimed at the young people, all those who were interested could also register and participate in the events. All participants were encouraged to send images and videos of them engaging in the activities to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All who were involved in this historic event were encouraged to make donations to the Masakhe Foundation. Masakhe NPC is the New Apostolic Church social outreach programme. The work by the organisation is performed voluntarily and is focused upon helping our fellow-man irrespective of race, creed, gender, age or religion. Masakhe’s mission is to reach out to all people by building self-sustainable communities through various interventions based upon honesty, integrity, justice, non-discrimination and equity. CEO of Masakhe, Jacqui Naidoo, was interviewed by presenter Daniele to discuss how COVID-19 has changed their work and how people’s donations have impacted their outreach programmes. 

The objective of the day was to provide entertainment, but also use the virtual platform as a source of education; and this is where the #maskchallenge became relevant. This challenge promotes wearing a mask, something that has become extremely important in these unprecedented times.

Following a brief comment from the District Apostle on his walk, it was then time for the host of the NAC ‘Family Feud’, Clemment Trussel, to welcome participants to the show. After an intense competition between the two sides, it was time for a quick update of the participation board with photos and videos of members daring to care! After closing thoughts from Apostle Joubert, it was time for a brief recess which will be followed by the coffee table discussions with the Apostles.