After the divine service on Sunday 6 September 2020, District Apostle J Kriel addressed the members of NAC-SA providing updates on the following topics:

  • Return to Church
  • Weddings
  • Confirmation (Final year)
  • Pending retirements
  • Intermediate Recorder Course
  • NAC Burial fund
  • Thanksgiving 2020

1. 1. Returning to Church
(This announcement applies to the members of South Africa and Botswana - not Namibia (currently on lockdown) & Mozambique (where divine services are not allowed).
We are thankful for the improvements in the situation relating to the infection, recoveries, and overall management of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let us continue to do our part to ensure that we wear our masks, wash our hands, and maintain a safe social distance. We continue to express our thanks to the frontline workers who have been working tirelessly in the fight against the disease. Given the current successes of lower infections and the high rate of recoveries nationally, we find it prudent to announce a partial return to church services from Wednesday 09 September 2020 on the following basis:

  • We want to give members with connectivity challenges the first opportunity to attend the divine services (which for now will only be word services – as we currently have it) in our church buildings to a maximum of 50 attendees – all COVID-19 health protocols will be observed. Your Rector will inform you of this arrangement. Please ensure that all your current contact details are correct on the MIS.
  • In September, you will be able to experience the midweek divine service conducted by your local leaders. The divine services will commence at 19h00 and will broadcast via Facebook Live and/or YouTube. Your Rectors will provide you with the relevant link for your congregation.
  • As a result of the local divine services, there will be no broadcast of a central divine service on Wednesdays as we had it up to now from either Sandton or Silvertown.

To ensure we do the best for our members, those over the age of 60 years and who have comorbidities are encouraged not to return to church as yet. I never thought I would tell people not to come to church, but I appeal for your understanding. We will continue to provide you with online divine services. At this stage, we are not yet able to administer any sacraments. We, along with other Christian denominations have made proposals for the amendment hereof. Let’s continue to pray that soon we can experience the sacraments.

You may have heard that in South Africa weddings are also allowed with a maximum of 50 attendees. Along with other churches, we are seeking clarifications as the current legislation only refers to the wedding reception. I appeal to the couples for their understanding in this regard. We do not want to forego our beliefs.

Confirmation (final year)
As part of returning to activities, our final year confirmands will commence their return to lessons. Your local Rector will advise how this will happen for your congregation.

Pending retirements 
In September, I will be visiting the areas of George, Mpumalanga, and Kimberley. During these visits, I will be retiring the following ministers:
• Bishop Trevor Stephens – on Thursday, 17 September 2020 (George).
• Apostle Lionel Meyer – on Sunday, 20 September 2020 (Barberton) – this will happen during our Sunday broadcast.
• Bishop Edward (Eddie) Bhana on Sunday, later the morning, 27 September 2020 (Kimberley).
The normal broadcast will continue at 09h00. The Sunday (27th September) will be a first for our church as the broadcast will be from Mozambique (conducted by Apostle Mazuze).

Intermediate Recorder Course
We have developed a new course for our Recorder enthusiasts which will be broadcast on NACTV. Following on from the Beginner Recorder course, we are happy to announce the launch of the Intermediate Recorder course. The first episode will be broadcast on Sunday 13 September at 10h45. The Intermediate Recorder course will be preceded by the Beginner Recorder course at 10h30. Both courses will be repeated on Sundays at 13h45, as well as a Wednesdays at 17h00. Dear Parents, please encourage your children to continue developing their skills on the recorder.

NAC Burial Fund
Our burial collection period for collection of 2020/2021 premiums has now concluded.  I thank you very much for your diligence in this regard. Further updates on the burial will be communicated in an address via NACTV in the near future.

Thanksgiving Day – Sunday, 4 October 2020
On Sunday 04 October, we will celebrate Thanksgiving. I realise that restrictions will be in place at that time, but I encourage you to join in the different activities planned by your local leaders.  Our Thanksgiving divine service will broadcast from our new church in Goodwood. I will use this divine service to dedicate the church building. Owing to the current restrictions, only a portion of the congregation will be able to attend the dedication service. I now already thank the members for their understanding in this unusual situation.

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