During the Friendship divine service on Sunday 6 September, the cello quartet and piano played a hymn titled My Friend.

The lyrics outline the authority of Jesus Christ, referring to His might and power. Yet, in the same description, the words express how reliable, loving and caring our Saviour and Friend is.

My Friend

Arranged for Female Chorus (S.S.A.) by Felton Rapley
Composer: Ervin Drake and Jimmy Shirl
My Friend is the King of all Kings, and yet my Friend walks beside me.
My Friend rules the earth and the sun, and yet my Friend stops to guide me.
My Friend takes my hand, just when all appears in vain and makes it plain, thro' joy and pain He'll remain my Friend.
My friend tells me life is a road, and tho' it ends at the bending,
My Friend tells me then there's a road beyond this road that's unending.
Some day, when I walk up the happy road that lies around the bend, who will be there to welcome me My Friend.

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