After the divine service on Sunday 20 September, District Apostle J Kriel gave the members of NAC-SA updates on the following topics:

  • Return to church
  • Sexual Misconduct Policy
  • Meeting for all ministers
  • Thanksgiving Day 2020
  • Next divine service

Dear brothers and sisters, I wish to use this opportunity to provide you with relevant information.

Return to church

We welcome the South African president’s announcement on the increase of allowable attendees to church and funeral services from 50 to 250 and 50 to 100, respectively.

The mandatory 1.5m distance between attendees remains a requirement along with the washing of hands and wearing of a mask.

From 05 October 2020, the following will apply:

  • Divine services can commence in congregations. This means that the Rector or an appointed Priestly minister will conduct divine services.
  • The Sunday AVT services will continue to broadcast every Sunday morning at 09h00.
  • In the coming weeks, the Apostles and Bishops will commence conducting divine services in local congregations where space allows. Your Rector will inform you of these divine services.

Reminder to our senior members (over 60’s) that you encouraged not to return to church at this time.

Sexual Misconduct Policy

In June 2020, I introduced to you the fact that we now have a Sexual Misconduct Policy. Thank you to those who have given their input to improving the policy and to those who have volunteered their services as Safeguarding Facilitators.

You will remember I mentioned in my address that we were commencing the training of our facilitators. I am happy to report that the District Apostle Helper Mkhwanazi was in Cape Town over the weekend, and he, among others, participated in the final weekend of the facilitator’s training. Sunday 20 September marked the certificate ceremony of our Apostle Area facilitators who completed the accredited training course. Congratulations to the Safeguarding Facilitators.

I take this opportunity to thank them and the panel who supports me for implementing this policy in our church.

Meeting for all ministers

On Monday evening 21 September 2020, I will be conducting a meeting for all ministers at 19h00 live from our Sandton congregation. Brothers, as per my email to you, I encourage you to attend in your local congregation as far as this is possible. The meeting will broadcast via YouTube, Facebook Live and Set-Top boxes via NACTV.

Thanksgiving Day 2020

As previously announced, I will conduct the Thanksgiving divine service and dedicate the new Goodwood church building. I would like to encourage all to decorate their altars with fresh produce and bring canned goods. After the divine service, the fruit, vegetables, and canned products can be shared with those needing it or be donated to selected institutions.

Next divine services

We will continue to have divine services broadcast in the local areas on Wednesday evenings at 19h00. Due to the public holiday being on Thursday in South Africa, the divine service for this week will take place on Tuesday evening 22 September. 

On Sunday 27 September 2020, we will have a broadcast for the first time from Mozambique. This divine service will be conducted by Apostle Mazuze in Portuguese and will be interpreted into English at the altar. 

The aforementioned information has been translated into the following languages and can be downloaded from here: