As from 21 September 2020, South Africa was placed into level one of lockdown. 

Since the start of the lockdown period, the collective congregation of the New Apostolic Church united in prayer, and it has been our constant spiritual desire for divine services in local congregations to recommence. On Wednesday evening, 09 September 2020, the Apostles around Southern Africa conducted the first localised transmission divine services in congregations in their areas of responsibility. This manner of broadcasting midweek divine services will be a regular occurrence for the foreseeable future, until such time that lockdown regulations change. This allowed for blessed moments to be experienced by all who were connected, and by members who were in attendance in the COVID-19-ready congregations. 

Despite the joy of returning to God's house, it remains the collective congregation's spiritual desire for us to celebrate the Holy Sacraments and liturgical acts such as Ordinations, Appointments, wedding blessings and mother's blessings. In the latest edition of the Government Gazette regarding places of worship, Point 6.2 and 7.5 states the following:

  • (6.2) Any religious ritual that requires personal contact may not be performed during any religious activity.
  • (7.5) No substance or liquid may be shared between persons.

The church pledges its full support towards all the measures given in the Gazette and is committed to adhering to it in order to prevent the spread of the virus. It is important for all of us to remain conscious of our actions and act responsibly so that we can avoid a second wave of infections. The leaders of the church continue to monitor and examine any updates in the Gazette and will update members accordingly.

For now, we are encouraged to remain patient while we wait for a safe time to experience the Holy Sacraments and the bestowing of the various forms of blessings.