On Thursday evening, 08 October 2020, District Apostle J Kriel held a meeting for all ministers in Silvertown congregation.

This meeting was made available on the Free-to-air Set-top box through NACTV, YouTube and Facebook Live. Some of the local Apostles, Bishops, District Rectors and Rectors from the NAC-SA area were also in attendance. Before the commencement of the agenda, the District Apostle touched on the theme of Thanksgiving, the importance of proclaiming our faith in Jesus Christ and the need for all ministers to serve and care for all God’s people.

The main purpose of the meeting was to provide ministers with the necessary information they require to start serving Holy Communion. However, the District Apostle also used the opportunity to discuss other matters.

General matters
The District Apostle started off with some good news. On Sunday 06 December 2020, the Chief Apostle will serve the NAC-SA region. Further details regarding this service will be shared in due course. Thereafter, he spoke about the new cross that will be placed inside church buildings. He went on to explain the difference between the cross and the emblem. The emblem will still be used on the outside of the buildings. This was followed by the District Apostle explaining the importance of the liturgy of the church and informed the ministers to adhere to the wording given to them.

Thanksgiving Day 2020
The District Apostle also used this opportunity to express his sincere thanks to all members for the special offerings they brought to God’s altar on Thanksgiving Day.

Care and contact with members
In a meeting for ministers on 21 September 2020, the District Apostle expressed his desire for each member to be contacted and asked if they will be coming back to services. The District Apostle also highlighted that no one will be ostracized, prejudiced, or told they are unfaithful if they choose not to come back to services yet. He used this opportunity to once again appeal to all ministers to contact their members and show that they care for God’s people.

Church buildings
Over the lockdown period, 108 church buildings around NAC-SA were burglarised and many items were stolen. With this, the District Apostle asked the ministers to take extra care of the church buildings. He also encouraged all to maintain the church buildings and take care of the interior and exterior of the places of worship. Due to budget constraints, the NAC administration office will only provide emergency maintenance to church buildings and the District Apostle asked all to remain patient with their requests.

Serving of Holy Communion
As from Sunday 11 October 2020, we will once again experience the celebration of Holy Communion. For those who were unable to attend or view the meeting, please click here for the tutorial on how Holy Communion will be served. Holy Communion will only be served on Sundays. Further details regarding this will be given at the start of November. Members who are unable to attend divine services or have decided not to return to church yet will be served at home. However, it is their responsibility to inform their local Priest if it is their desire to be served.

Despite the joy of being able to experience the celebration of Holy Communion, it remains the collective congregation's spiritual desire to celebrate the Holy Sacraments (Holy Baptism and Holy Sealing) and liturgical acts such as Ordinations, Appointments, wedding blessings and mother's blessings. In the latest edition of the Government Gazette regarding places of worship, Point 6.2 states the following:
• (6.2) Any religious ritual that requires personal contact may not be performed during any religious activity.
The church pledges its full support towards all the measures given in the Gazette and is committed to adhering to it in order to prevent the spread of the virus. It is important for all of us to remain conscious of our actions and act responsibly so that we can avoid a second wave of infections. The leaders of the church continue to monitor and examine any updates in the Gazette and will update members accordingly.

For now, we are encouraged to remain patient while we wait for a safe time to experience the acts of Holy Baptism, Holy Sealing and the bestowing of the various forms of blessings.

COVID-19 regulations
All COVID-19 regulations must continue to be strictly adhered to in all congregations. The new seating capacity, along with the name of the COVID-19 compliance co-ordinator, must be displayed on the noticeboards in congregations. All congregation COVID-19 compliance co-ordinators are to complete the online course on the NAC-SA website. Please contact your local Apostle area co-ordinator for assistance.

Before the conclusion of the meeting, the District Apostle allowed the ministers in attendance to ask questions relating to the return to church and the celebration of Holy Communion.