Kewtown congregation has opened its doors to assist the staff of Dr. Abdurahman Community Health Clinic during phase two of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

On 26 April 2021, Patti Olckers, who works for the department of health, reached out to the New Apostolic Church Administration to ask about the possibility of utilising the Kewtown church building as part of phase two of the vaccination rollout. In keeping with the commandment of loving our neighbour and extending help to society, the Property department gave permission for the building to be used at no cost.

On Monday, 17 May, phase two of the vaccination rollout started in the Dr. Abdurahman Community Health Clinic. Before long, facility manager Florence Burger and her team realised that the clinic was too small to accommodate patients and those who came for their first dose of the vaccine. Having already received permission to use the church building, they moved the vaccination site to Kewtown congregation, situated across the road, directly opposite the church, the following day.

Shepherd Rodney Liedemann, Rector of Kewtown congregation, said that two ministers, Deacons Dawids and Sylvester, ensure that the church is opened at 07:30 am to give the health clinic staff ample time to set up for their day’s work. The operation normally starts at 08:00 am and finishes around 03:30 pm. These hours tend to vary as the health care worker’s efforts depend on how many vaccines are delivered to the site and available for dispensation.

The church building is generally utilised to its fullest capacity, but when it is time for divine services or other church activities, the building is neat, tidy and ready to fulfil its main purpose of bringing praise and honour to God. Currently, Kewtown congregation is set to be a vaccination centre until 31 July 2021. This date is subject to an extension as the building will presumably be used for the duration of the vaccination rollout. For this reason, the midweek morning divine services have been moved to Athlone congregation. 

In a WhatsApp message sent to Shepherd Liedemann, Florence Burger expressed her sincere gratitude to the New Apostolic Church for opening its doors to assist them in their task of creating a safer, healthier community for all.

The vaccination process is only the start of the fightback against Covid-19. For this reason, members are urged to continue to wear their masks, keep a safe social distance and wash or sanitize their hands regularly.