On Thursday evening, 08 July 2021, District Apostle J Kriel held a meeting for all ministers in Silvertown congregation.

This meeting was made available on the Free-to-air Set-top box through NACTV, YouTube and Facebook Live.

The District Apostle used the opportunity to share the thoughts around the various aspects of salvation, a topic the Chief Apostle discussed with the District Apostles recently. The full report titled: The return of Christ, not an escape, but completion, is available on the home page of the NAC-SA website. Before handing over to Apostle R Worship, He also mentioned that the Apostles and Bishops will be meeting to discuss the role of the Deacons in the church.

Thereafter, Apostle Worship discussed the following matters:

  • Connectivity survey,
  • The church's response to recently proposed amendments and enforceable legislation &
  • Social media behaviour and policy. 

Before the conclusion of the meeting, the District Apostle spoke about the process around the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

If you missed the session or would like to revisit some of the points, please feel free to view the meeting by clicking here.


Translations of the article from our Chief Apostle regarding "The return of Christ, not an escape, but completion" can be downloaded by clicking on the languages below:

Afrikaans (pdf 128kb)

Xhosa (pdf 122kb)

Silozi (pdf 132kb)

Setswana (pdf 115kb)

Zulu (pdf 126kb)

(Other languages will be loaded when available.)