Already before the recess of scheduled activities in 2013, the congregation of Athlone set in motion a programme of activities to prepare for the visit of District Apostle N Barnes on Sunday, 26 January 2014.

 During the divine service the district apostle reflected on the rich histoy of the congregation. In particular, he mentioned the faithful activity of God’s people which over the years has also led to not only the continuing existence , development and growth in the congregation but also across its borders. Here the district apostle referred to the late Apostle G Henwood who during his youth was a member of the congregation. He later pioneered the work of Christ in Africa. The early congregation of Athlone was the third grouping of members to be housed in their own church building during June 1929.

After the celebrations of Holy Communion and Holy Communion for the Departed, it was the turn of Bishop P Lambert and his wife, Erica, to stand before the altar. The couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary a few days earlier and during the service were recipients of additional measures of blessing when the Silver wedding anniversary blessing was bestowed upon their union.