After the divine service on Sunday 26 September 2021, District Apostle J Kriel gave the members of NAC-SA updates on the following topics:

  • Masakhe foundation
  • New communion chalices & altar Bible
  • Divine services - Mozambique
  • Grief counselling
  • Chief Apostle meeting with all District Apostles and District Apostle Helpers
  • Chief Apostle's visit to Johannesburg
  • Boundary changes (effective from 01 December 2021)
  • Thanksgiving 2021

1. Masakhe Foundation
Over the past 18 months, it has been heart-warming to see the countless acts of benevolence that have taken place in many of our congregations. I thank every one of you that has practiced this basic Christian teaching of loving one’s neighbour. Please continue to do so and thereby show our love for God and our neighbour. I take this opportunity to remind you of the official charity arm of the church, the Masakhe Foundation. Masakhe is an independently registered charity organisation that provides organised welfare to those in need. I encourage those who can, to continue to contribute to the Masakhe Foundation so that the volunteers can provide much-needed support to all those who are in need. Kindly note that Masakhe is a registered NPO and Section 18A certificates for tax purposes can be issued for donations made to the Foundation.

2. Communion chalices and altar Bibles
As we heard in the divine service on 19 September, partaking of Holy Communion is part of our professing of Jesus Christ. I am thankful to announce that the new communion chalices will be in use in all congregations from next Sunday, Thanksgiving Day. The current communion chalices will be used in congregations where, up to now, there was none. In addition to this, each congregation has also received a new set of Bibles for altar and sacristy use.

3. Divine Services - Mozambique
We are pleased with the announcement that divine services may once again resume in Mozambique. All divine services will commence on Thanksgiving, Sunday 03 October 2021. The current restrictions are 50 attendees inside and 100 outside.

4. Grief Counselling
Over the last few months, most of us have been affected either directly or indirectly by the loss of loved ones. These deaths were not only related to COVID-19. I have commissioned the production of an episode to help our members and ministers understand the normal process of grieving and dealing with the loss of loved ones. This is depicted through the lived experiences of some of our members who have lost loved ones. This episode will be broadcast on NACTV on Thursday, 07 and Saturday, 09 October 2021. I encourage members and ministers to watch this episode.

5. Chief Apostle meeting with all District Apostles and District Apostle Helpers
I am thankful to report that for the first time in 18 months, the District Apostle Helper Mkhwanazi and I will be able to meet with our Chief Apostle and all the District Apostles and Helpers from around the world in Zürich, Switzerland in November. With us being vaccinated against Covid-19, (All our Apostles and Bishops have also been vaccinated) we are now able to attend the meeting in Switzerland in line with their Covid protocols. Together, we pray for the blessing of our heavenly Father on all the arrangements that have been made so that the aforementioned plans may take place.

6. Chief Apostle’s visit to Johannesburg
As was announced previously, our Chief Apostle will visit us over the weekend of 27- 28 November 2021. He is scheduled to conduct an AVT divine service from Dinwiddie on Sunday, 28 November 2021. The divine service will commence at 09:00, will be broadcast to the entire District Apostle Area and be translated into French and Portuguese.

During that divine service, Chief Apostle will place the following Apostles into retirement:
1. Marc Diedricks (Cape Winelands AP Area),
2. Harold Swartbooi (Kimberley AP Area) &
3. Justin Lama (Madagascar).

These Apostles have served a combined total of 116 years in the ministry, of which 43 years as Apostles. Now already, we thank the Apostles for their love and commitment over many years and wish them and their families much blessing for their future.

To ensure the continued care of our members, 5 Apostles will be ordained for our working area.
1. Bishop Arthur Alfazema will be ordained Apostle for the working area of Mocuba in Mozambique. He will replace the Apostle Semba who passed away in January 2021.
2. District Elder Bradley Bourne will be ordained Apostle and care for the Cape Coastal Apostle Area. Apostle Lambert will in future care for the Winelands Apostle Areas which was the working area of the Apostle Diedricks. We thank the Apostle Lambert for the work done in the Cape Coastal area.
3. Bishop Jan Mabaso will be ordained Apostle and work alongside the Apostle Mkhwanazi in the Mpumalanga Limpopo Apostle Area.
4. Bishop Werner von Schaeffer will be ordained Apostle and care for the Kimberley Apostle Area. He will replace the Apostle Swartbooi.
5. Bishop David Zaqueio will be ordained Apostle and care for the Milange Apostle Area which was previously cared for by the Apostle Jorge who retired
in July 2021.

7. The following boundary changes will also take effect on 01 December 2021:
1. The Uitenhage-Karoo Apostle Area undergoes a name change to Gqeberha-Karoo Apostle Area and will now include Fernwood Park and Gelvandale
2. The Kimberley Apostle Area will include the Southern Free State District.
3. The congregations in eSwatini will become part of the Mpumalanga-Limpopo Apostle Area. 

8. Thanksgiving Day
On Sunday, 03 October 2021, Apostle Jeremia Joubert will conduct the Thanksgiving Day central AVT divine service from Dinwiddie congregation at 9 am. I wish you a most blessed Thanksgiving divine service. We have been through a difficult year and many of us are still adjusting to this new way of living. Despite the challenges, we are still thankful that our God has not forsaken us. I urge you to make use of every opportunity to thank our God for His grace and goodness. As a church, we come together next Sunday to express our thankfulness to God by hearing His word, celebrating the sacrament of Holy Communion, through our prayers and our offerings.

May God be with you all until we meet again.
Thank you.
JL Kriel