The anticipation in the Cape District Church for Chief Apostle J Schneider’s visit wasn’t reserved for members in Retreat East and Erica West but was felt in many congregations within and beyond the boundaries of the city.

 In the Kraaifontein Bishop Area the members of Drakenstein-Suid hosted an evening reserved for showing off some je ne sais quoi. The French term which literally means to show off an indefinable quality was evident in their dress that evening. The women wore modern berets in assorted colours while others could be seen representing each colour of the French national flag while treating their taste buds to an assortment of dishes consumed by the French.

Just west, also in the Northern Suburbs, the members of Dunrobin-Bellville had set up food stalls. Each stall sold goods representing the culture of this European nation. Stalls selling edible goods and arts and crafts items were listed as the most popular.

Across the South African border in Walvis Bay, Namibia, the members spent the afternoon tasting vast quantities of indigenous dishes from a country renowned for its high standard of cooking and food presentation.
Not only did the fellowship provide the members with an exciting platform to taste typical French cuisine such as baguettes, croissants, onion soup, petit fours and a selection of cheese, but they could embrace the culture of the international leader of the Church while learning more about him when viewing snippets from his autobiography.