As the confirmation class of 2014 readied themselves to travel to the divine service in Tafelsig, one could sense their excitement.

Early on Sunday morning, 6 April 2014, hundreds of confirmands from the vast majority of congregations in Cape Town travelled to the largest New Apostolic Church building. Even though more than 2 500 of them were invited to the divine service they were but only a representation of the close to 5 000 confirmands who will pledge their allegiance to God on their confirmation day.

Thursday evening’s choir practice set the tone for the divine service when the young adults quickly acquainted themselves with their classmates and absorbed the expansive environment.
Before the divine service in Tafelsig was scheduled to commence a pre-recorded announcement from District Apostle N Barnes was viewed. In it, news of the planned visit of Chief Apostle Schneider to the congregation of Motherwell in the Eastern Cape, early next year, was shared with them. The same announcement was later aired on NAC TV and relayed to congregations in the Cape after their respective morning divine services.
Back in Tafelsig; a solemn silence filled the rows in the church before the first note of the opening hymn was struck by the organist. District Apostle Barnes served the special congregation from Isaiah 6 verse 8: “Also I heard the voice of the Lord saying: “whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”
With the group on the brink of making a solemn commitment to Christ, the district apostle used the opportunity to test their readiness and asked them to rise and recite the confirmation vow. It was moving to listen to and reaffirm the commitment, as witnessed when adults in the congregation joined in by reciting in silence.
After the divine service Apostle A Kriel led from the front as he demonstrated how to do the Mexican wave with a Capetonian twist. All the excitement from pent up energy saw them chant “Hello from Cape Town, NAC-for-life!” which will form part of a DVD insert which will be plighted at the International Church Convention (ICC) in Germany this June.