While discussing the year ahead with the rectors of the Cape District Church at the Rectors Conference held in Silvertown late last year, District Apostle N Barnes shared plans to visit the congregation of Saxonsea which is situated on the West Coast during April 2014.

There was instant jubilation when the members of the congregation were informed of the visit. Quickly they set plans in motion to make the feast of Good Friday one the congregation would treasure.

On Sunday 18 April 2014, District Apostle Barnes served the congregation with a word from John 11: 16 “Then Thomas, who is called Twin, said to his fellow disciples, “Let us also go, that we may die with Him.” Through his sermon he revealed a different perspective of Thomas where he encouraged his fellow disciples to follow Jesus.
After the divine service a fellowship ensued as the district apostle and congregants engaged in conversation and posed for photographs. There was also time for the Planning and Review team to meet with the district apostle. This group functions on a congregational level and actively participates in planning and reviewing matters within the structures of the congregation.