Great excitement was experienced by the confirmation class of 2014 in Mdantsane in East London, when they were told that District Apostle N Barnes would welcome them to the altar to make their confirmation vow.

 Many preparatory activities took place and generated much excitement especially when they were informed that they were to be the first class of confirmands to be confirmed as per the new liturgy of the New Apostolic Church aligned with the catechism.

Not only did it sharpen their understanding of their faith but also prepared them for the special day in their lives as Christians. These included a weekend in Boknes, a divine service and meeting with Apostle T Nene as well as a few extra lessons presented by Bishop A Nel and their district rector. The valedictory and final preparation for their special day paved the way for tremendous blessings from the altar.
A booklet commemorating the visit of the district apostle highlighted his ministerial tenure and included this visit which would be a first for the district apostle and confirmands as they would be the first group to be confirmed by him in East London District.
Coinciding with the visit to East London, the district apostle made use of this time in the city to conduct a minsters meeting on the Saturday afternoon. The morning session was used by Bishop G James to acquaint the MIS coordinators on the working of the church Membership Information System (MIS).

Finally, the long awaited Sunday 27 April 2014, arrived! It brought with it special measures of blessings when 25 young brothers and sisters professed their love for God and pledged their allegiance to Him.
After the divine service the new youth were presented with their confirmation certificate which included a greeting message from Chief Apostle J Schneider as well as a hymnal to start their journey as adult members of the Church.