Priest David Schrimnenger and his family have proven to be a well-knitted and committed household in the Lord’s work ever since their settlement in Barberton, in the Mpumalanga Province.

As a rector of Barberton and Barberton West congregations, his family has been behind him giving all the required support to him for his rectorship to remain a fountain of blessing to all the brethren in Mpumalanga-Limpopo AP Area.  The Priest has also assisted the AP Area with the regional midweek transmissions (AVT) of divine services during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

 So, the virtual soul-care visit on Thursday evening, 01 July 2021 on the eve of their departure which also served as a farewell session to the family brought about mixed emotions and at the same time some enriching experiences not only to the family but also to all who were virtually connected to represent Nelspruit District and Mpumalanga – Limpopo AP Area.

The family is relocating to Springs, Gauteng Province. No doubt, Springs congregation will be richer from the zealousness spirit of the household.

 In attendance were DAH M. Mkhwanazi, DEL A. Naude, Ev D. de Vries, Pr R. Grant and the Schrimnenger family.

The following three points extracted from a report by the Chief Apostle, were used as the concluding spiritual enrichment for all in the session, after each minister had made his presentation:
“The Bible text (Luke 8:17) urges us to proclaim the gospel by:
•Declaring ourselves publicly for Him (Matthew 10:26-32). Let us not be afraid to say that we disapprove of everything that is against Jesus’ teaching.
•Proving our commitment to Christ through our actions (Matthew 5:14-16).
•Actively contributing to the unity of the Church (John 17:21).”

The thirty-minute well-organized session by DEL Naude was then concluded with prayer by Ev Derril de Vries.