On Sunday, 7 February 2021, Apostle A Page met with the Young People’s District Coordinators and

invited guests of the Gauteng-Limpopo Area. The Apostle welcomed the 39 invitees to the virtual meeting on Zoom. He started by saying that he is concerned about the young people in the church. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, most activities stopped and a year later, there has been little interaction between the young people and the church. He asked the group about how the young people in the area can take on responsibilities in their congregation. During the discussion every person could give their input and suggestions on how to approach the young people and get them to contribute to their congregation. 

The group highlighted various aspects with the Apostle, namely –
• the involvement of parents, which includes being role models who are active  members in the congregation;
• training of the young people coordinators as leaders in the congregation;
• engaging the young people on social media and ideas on how to focus on their  relationship with the church;
• training on bible study/discussion topics; and
• the possibility of a monthly meeting for the district coordinators to discuss the feedback.

The Apostle will meet with the same group on 21 February 2021 for a feedback session.